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Gardening Through the Eyes of a Child.

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How many of you got your start with gardening

by following your garden mentor around during a garden tour.

I did.

And, if you were a young child, you were

allowed to be amongst the adults if you were quiet.

One had to be very quiet and that meant not saying anything

but listening to their conversation.

I don’t think it was just being around the vegetable plants

in the family garden that made me want to follow my mom around as she

showed her older sister, my Aunt Katie, the garden.

aunt katie and uncle al

Aunt Katie

I think it was seeing the garden through my mom and my aunt’s eyes.

They would ooh and ahh over the rhubarb and the tomatoes. And of

course admire the compost pile too! That is gold to many gardeners!

Now, granted, my mom had 7 children to make sure the weeds were

pulled, and plenty of boys to turn the compost pile and do lots of

the hard digging and pulling, but here were two grown ladies, with a

young girl in tow getting such delight out of looking at all the plants.

Fast forward a few years, and  in the same way,  I love showing visitors the

gardens that we have here at the winery.

I think a connection was established for me between people and plants

as I followed my aunt and mom around that inspires me even today.

There is a lot of pleasure in showing  guests how they too can grow the

same plants that we have, develop some of the same gardening skills

that we use and bring a little joy to their friends and family like we do

here at the winery through a garden at their homes.

Touring the garden

Touring the garden.

I would definitely attribute some of

my understanding of the joy plants can bring people was through watching the relationship my mom and aunt had during their garden tours.

So, come and enjoy our gardens and bring a friend and build that fun relationship

around your walk through the garden.


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