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Amazing Amaryllis

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Dutch amaryllis, Hippeastrum create a welcome show of beauty during the winter as many are given as gifts during the Christmas season.  But if you haven’t seen amaryllis bloom outdoors in the summer, you are invited to come out to the winery and see the display of amaryllis in full bloom in our gardens.

Amaryllis 2017

Here’s how we did it.

Last year the Amaryllis bulbs were kept in the wine cellar

where it was cool and dry until mid-March when they were planted in pots and brought out into a warm 65 degree environment and full sun.


They were grown outdoors in full sun as soon as the weather was above freezing.

Amaryllis 2017 6

The spent blooms were cut off, which is also known as dead-heading, and the  bulbs were watered all summer where they kept growing large and beautiful green leaves when kept in full sun.

Amaryllis on Porch

September 1st, we stopped watering, but kept the plants

outdoors in the full sun as the bulb begins to wind down and the leaves begin to dry up.

Amaryllis 2017 10

the pots were moved indoors where it would be above freezing and dry.  It can be in the dark during this time.

Do not remove the bulb from the pot as amaryllis don’t like to be disturbed.

Now, your amaryllis are ready to be brought out again in the spring and

your amaryllis have been trained to be summer flowers.

Amaryllis 2017 5

In California, my Grandfather Wagner loved amaryllis and propagated them.

IMG_0927 (002)

He and my grandmother lived at Newport Beach and then moved to the dessert in Hemet, CA and his amaryllis came with him.  his amaryllis would bloom during the summer and to see my amaryllis blooming in the summer reminds me of his influence in my life.

Amaryllis Wine Garden

Looking forward to sharing our love of wine and plants

with our guests!

In the garden or vineyard these days,



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