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Relaxing Dinner on the Patio with Farm Crafted Cuisine


Cliff and I had an impromptu dinner on the patio a few weeks ago.  We took two pot pies out of the freezer and

put them in the wood fired oven and waited on the patio with a glass of wine.  This was a great combination!

Just a hint of smoke from the remains of a hot pizza baking fire and plenty of bubbling juice

oozing out of the whole wheat crust, made this a wine pairing experience!  Cliff had the

beef and I had the chicken pot pie  and the Chardonnel was a perfect match.

Farm Crafted Pot Pies baked in the Wood Fired Oven

As you can see, it was such a relaxing dinner, with some tomatoes from our container tomatoes, Tumbling Tom.  This tomato only needs a 1 gallon size container, and it produces!

We have a Tomato Tower with 30 container tomato plants growing on it.  The tower looks like a Christmas tree with green plants and little

red balls.  These tomato plants can be grown in a 12″ container, so they do well in this tower.  We already picked the first flush, and they were great

in a tomato, cucumber, basil and onion salad with an olive oil dressing.  I will get a picture of the tower with  the second flush of yellow blossoms out in the next blog.

These plants  love this heat we have been having and do very well with regular watering in the towers.  They are indeterminate

and will produce until frost.  I like that!


3 thoughts on “Relaxing Dinner on the Patio with Farm Crafted Cuisine

  1. Looks wonderful! And I like your new blog…

  2. Thanks Cathy, I am still learning how to navigate through this blog. Looking forward to seeing you at the winery sometime. I would
    enjoy seeing your artistic perspective of our fall farmscape!

  3. It IS difficult to keep up with too many things…hope to see you before too long, though!

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