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June Farm Tours

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This has been a busy week!  We have hosted 2 farm tours in 7 days and our weather was drizzly for one tour group

and hot as can be for another!  Over all, everyone seemed to enjoy seeing the insectary plants in the farmscape, learning about

Beginning the tour

growing strawberries in grow towers, walking through the beginning stage of  the “The Secret Garden”, learning about High Brix Farming and, of course, no tour is complete until you eat on the pat


The first tour was a group on vacation with World Wide Country Tours.  We had met them at the Jesse James Farm in Kearney

and rode the bus with them to the farm.   On the bus, we sampled farm crafted jams, sauces and jellies as we talked about the history

of our farm and the area.

In the Vineyard

Walking through the flower gardens with just enough rain to make us glad we were dining on the dry patio.AfQuiz winners scored 100%

ter the tour, ready for the test!

Of course who would figure that 1 week later, when the Lawson Middle School students arriv

ed to

day for their farm tour and pizza

making ( and  eating)  lesson that it would be 89 degrees and hot!

We did have a quiz at the end of the tour and there were two students with perfect score!  Way to go girls!

In the picture they are holding their

gift certificates.

Students helped make these farmstead pizzas with ingredients they harvested during their tour

These farm guests are welcome back. Thanks for coming!

We always enjoy giving these tours, because  we  find ourselves looking  fresh and new at what we see every day.  We are then

reminded how fortunate we are to be called to farm and live so close to the land.  I am going to have to end this now and remove the

remnants of the compost pile, (that I was showing the students today), that I see is still under my fingernails.

It’s a never ending battle!   Maybe that is living too close to the land!  More Later.


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