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Welcome to Van Till  Farm Blog.  This is the place where I will let you know what is happening on the farm.   The reader will follow me around the farm as I check crops to harvest,  examine the  insectary and plants in the farmscape and just enjoy being outdoors in creation. Farm to Table is our motto, so I will take some crops into the kitchen and we will see how  Chef Josh takes this  fresh produce and gives it the gourmet touch!  Unfortunately, we can only take pictures to satisfy the eyes, so you will have to imagine  the taste and smell to satisfy your mouth and nose!  Unless, you find yourself in the area and can be our guest for one of our meals!

Crown Imperial

This cool looking plant is Crown Imperial, or Fritillaria Imperialis.  This one is 7 years old and has finally multiplied to three blooms!  The first 3 years the plant sent up its stalk and yet no bloom.  Then it has been a work horse.  Why is it in the farmscape?   Cliff really likes it,  and it is used to repel deer and rodents.  The bulb smells pretty foul and you don’t want to put your nose too close to the blooms, they also have a very unpleasant odor!  I have these spaced throughout the farmscape to camouflage the tulips that are soon to bloom.  This is called camouflage gardening.  Everything in my farmscape is deer resistant, except the tulips!  By planting daffodils, hyacinths and the crown imperials throughout the beds,  the deer will not

Crown Imperial with Daffodils to deter the deer

be able to find the tulips so well, which is like candy to them.  This fall, I will  plant  these bulbs around the hoop house to deter the moles.  If you find yourself in the area, stop by and see these unique flowers.  Don’t worry, the smell won’t ruin your appetite for pizza !  The hyacinths are in full bloom right now and their sweet smell masks the odor of   the Crown Imperial.


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  1. This was the best Pizza ever in the whole wide world… Pizza Hut be gone! =)

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